Integrated Engineering Solutions

Corodex offers customized residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis systems:

CorodexBW RO Plant 40000 GPD
CorodexSW RO Plant 8000 GPD

- Desalination of seawater
- Brackish water for drinking purposes
- Food and beverage processing
- Purification of home drinking water
- Industrial process water
- Energy recovery process

Integrated Engineering Solutions
CorodexEcosoft Robust RO (60 LPH)
CorodexStandard Ecosoft RO System 50 Gallon / Day
CorodexMO 6000 LPD
CorodexMO 24000 LPD

Ecosoft is a multinational company specializing in treatment of water for industrial, municipal, residential, and household consumers.

Reverse Osmosis system designed for demineralization of water, the system is a compact, functionally complete module. Equipment system, instrumentation, piping, regulating valves are mounted on metal frame.

Commercial or Residential RO’s starting from under sink 5 stage, under sink 6 stage, RO 300GPD up to 6000 GPD.