Water Treatment Chemicals

Integrated Engineering Solutions

Corodex concentrates on the improvement of water quality by means of filtration through granular filter media.

CorodexFilter Media

A complete range of filter media is available for different raw water types:

- Inert filter media for filtration of suspended solids
- Inorganic Filter Media for ion exchange and absorption

Integrated Engineering Solutions

Ecosoft is a multinational company specializing in treatment of water for industrial, municipal, residential, and household consumers.



ECOMIX filtration material for water problem with ion compounds.

ECOMIX purifies water from:

- Hardness salts
- Iron and manganese compounds
- Organic color
- Ammonia

- HumiSorb is a proprietary sorption material for removal of organic impurities
- Organic compounds are removed by the mechanism of hydrophobic and electrostatic interactions

Ion Exchange Resin - PUROLITE


Purolite’s complete product line for ion exchange offers:

- Gels
- Macroporous
- Acrylics
- Fine Mesh Nuclear
- Chelation Resins

AXAL® Pro Salt Tablets


Field of application

In many industrial and commercial applications, soft water is essential and is used in the worlds of gastronomy and hotels as well as in hospitals and laundrettes. AXAL® Pro salt tablets offer perfect properties for use in medium to large water softening systems based on ion exchanger resins.
The result is efficient, problem free water softening with all the advantages, such as less limescale build-up, a longer service life for installations and equipment, less energy consumption and better performance, fewer problems in day-to-day operations running, a reduction in the amount of detergent needed and time and money savings on care and maintenance.


Outstanding performance and a long service life for the water softener thanks to a minimum sodium chloride content of 99.9 %


No residues in the salt container thanks to an insoluble ingredients content of less than 0.01 %


No clumping of the salt in the brine tank due to its patented form


No build up of salt sediment in the brine tank due to a stable form and low ratio of fine particles

Product Range

Packaging size: 25 kg bag (40 x 25 kg per pallet)
Type of packaging: PE bag
GTIN: 25 kg:
We would be happy to provide you with a sample.
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Product Properties

AXAL® Pro salt tablets are made from high-purity, fully soluble vacuum salt. This special salt is free from additives that could impair the function of the ion exchanger. AXAL® Pro salt tablets contain no harmful ingredients, are completely soluble and are resistant to decay. The patented, convex form of the AXAL® Pro salt tablets and their low content of fine particles ensure maximum solubility and dissolving speed.

Integrated Engineering Solutions

CABOT NORIT is a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of highgrade activated carbon used in a growing range of environmental, health, safety and industrial applications. Activated carbon is used for the purification of a wide range of substances in all kinds of industries.


CorodexExtruded Activated Carbon
CorodexPowdered Activated Carbon
CorodexGranular Activated Carbon

NORIT offers:

- 150 different types of products to match any conceivable application
- Activated carbon reactivation
- Carbon change out services
- Granular and powdered carbon systems and equipment

Serving a wide range of industries such as:

- Gas & Air Treatment / Odor Control
- Catalyst
- Mining
- Industrial Petro Chemical SND
- O.R.L & C.R.S
- Food and Beverage
- Oil & Gas
- Pharmaceutical
- Potable Water
- Chemical
- Wastewater

Integrated Engineering Solutions

High molecular weight flocculants are capable of promoting flocculation by neutralizing the superficial electric charges of sludge particles in the water and unstabilizing each individual particles. The particles then are absorbed each other by the activated functional group in the flocculant polymers to bridge the particles, then are flocculated to create a larger floe. ACCOFLOC®/ARONFLOC® are complete with over 100 products that not only satisfy these basic functions, but are also prepared to meet nonionic, anionic and cationic needs to maximize the effects according to the demand.

MT AquaPolymer Superabsorbents: Absorbs to more than 500 times its weight, in the case of super absorbents for agricultural applications.

MT AquaPolymer Thickeners: Thickeners alter the viscosity and texture of products and used in: shampoos, creams, cosmetics, textile industry and enhanced oil recovery

Superior ACCOFLOC®/ARONF­LOC® Characteristics:

- Superior floc formation
- Major effects yielded with limited use
- Superior cleaning performance to treat water for clearness
- Use over a broad pH range
- Superior filtration and water separation. Boosts sludge dewatering effects

- Combined use with inorganic flocculants heightens superior treatment effects
- Product development and control considering safety
- Product lineup from general purpose to industrial standards, to special PWG standards to meet broad range of needs

Reverse Osmosis Systems



RO Antiscalants & Antifoulants are developed with environmentally safe ingredients to maximize the performance of RO systems. It is certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water systems & domestic applications. Our objective is to minimize fouling rates, maintain actual membrane performance & increase the operating life of RO membranes.


- NSF Approved Antiscalants/Antifoulants for Brackish water.
- NSF Approved Antiscalants/Antifoulants for Sea Water.
- NSF Approved Membrane Cleaners.
- Membrane Preservative & Biocides.
- Pretreatment Products.

Boiler Water Treatment


EfloChem objective is to control scale & deposit to maintain efficient heat transfer surfaces, control Corrosion to extend equipment life & avoid failures, conservation of water through higher cycles of concentration, control Biological growth, decrease system downtime due to water related problems, Productivity, reduce energy losses & minimize total cost of operations related to water.


- NSF Approved Corrosion Inhibitors
- Catalyzed oxygen scavengers
- Alkaline Builder
- Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
- Sludge Conditioners
- Condensate treatment chemicals
- Boiler boil-out/ passivation chemicals
- Boiler descaler
- All in one combo chemical

Cooling Water Treatment


EfloChem has developed highly effective & efficient products to control scale formation, biological growth and corrosion inhibition in cooling/chilled water systems. Special products have also been developed to kill and control growth of legionella.


- NSF Approved Corrosion Inhibitors
- Scale Inhibitors
- Dispersants
- Non-oxidizing Microbiocide
- Oxidizing Microbiocide
- Halogen free based disinfectant
- Algaecide/Fungicide
- Cleaning and Passivation chemicals
- Condenser descaler
- Cooling tower fills cleaner
- Zinc based corrosion inhibitors for low hardness water in cooling tower system

Disinfection Systems

Integrated Engineering Solutions

Hydrotec is the UK's leading company in the design and manufacture of water treatment products for the building services industry.

HydroDOS® Chlorine Dioxide Generation

CorodexHydroDOS® Unit
CorodexHydroDOS® Chlorine Dioxide Generation

NORIT offers:

- L8 approved method of bacterial control for domestic potable water systems
- Suitable for the treatment of cooling towers or other applications where the prevention of bacterial growth is required
- A dispersive technology: moves through the entire system, killing both free swimming (planktonic) and biofilm forming (sessile) bacteria