Recycling System

Integrated Engineering Solutions

RGF is committed to helping industry comply with strict EPA regulations. Founded in 1985, we pioneered the development of water recycling systems. Since then, we have continuously expanded our ability to meet the world’s water, air and food environmental needs, now and through the 21st Century.

Corodex RGF Advanced Oil Water Separator System

RGF Recycling System:

- Closed loop wash water recycling systems
- Utilize 40 technologies to develop application specific systems
- Removes contaminants while leaving in the dissolved cleaning agent
- Re-use of wash water
- Recycling wash water and cleaning agent
- Less cost

CorodexWash Master - High Volume Car Wash Water Recycle System
CorodexThermo Oxidizer
CorodexWash Master - Very High Duty Wash Water Recycle System

Intended for washing applications such as:

- Automated car washes
- Rental car companies
- City transportation
- Military bases
- Truck and tractor repair shops
- Bus companies
- AG/machinery companies
- Construction companies
- Equipment rental companies
- Mining materials companies