ThunderStorm FC601A 1% or 3% AR-AFFF concentrate is formulated using a new and proprietary technology. The foam concentrate has a dramatically reduced viscosity as compared to other 1% or 3% listed polar solvent type AR-AFFF concentrates on the market. This reduced viscosity enhances performance in all types of foam proportioning equipment including inline eductors, balanced pressure systems, and built-in systems aboard CFR vehicles.

Additionally, the fire fighting performance of ThunderStorm FC601A is superior to other AR-AFFF foam concentrates. This includes the blended gasoline additive Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) which is being used as an oxygenate to make gasoline cleaner burning. ThunderStorm FC601A offers many distinct advantages for ease of use and represents a continued commitment to quality by improving the fire performance of this type of agent on gasoline products while still maintaining high performance levels on other hydrocarbons and polar fuels.

ThunderStorm􀃠 FC601A is formulated from special fluorochemical and hydrocarbon surfactants, high molecular weight polymers and solvents. It is transported and stored as a concentrate to provide ease of use and considerable savings in weight and volume. It contains no PFOS or PFOA. It is intended for use as a 1% proportioned solution on hydrocarbon fuels and as a 3% proportioned solution on polar fuels in fresh, salt or hard water. It may also be stored and used as a premixed solution in fresh potable water only. ThunderStorm􀃠 FC601A concentrate is biodegradable.

There are three fire extinguishing mechanisms in effect when using ThunderStorm FC601A solution on either a conventional Class B hydrocarbon fuel such as gasoline, diesel fuel, etc., or a Class B polar solvent (water miscible fuel) such as methyl alcohol, acetone, etc. First, an aqueous film is formed in the case of a conventional hydrocarbon fuel, or a polymeric membrane in the case of a polar solvent fuel. This film or membrane forms a barrier to help prevent the release of fuel vapor. Second, regardless of the fuel type, a foam blanket is formed which excludes oxygen and from which drains the liquids that form the film or the polymeric membrane. Third, the water content of the foam produces a cooling effect.


Gooseneck style dual axle 14,000 lb. GAWR trailer, complete with:


ThunderStorm􀃠 FC601A can be used on either conventional Class B fuel or the polar solvent type Class B fuels. Its excellent wetting characteristics make it useful in combating Class A fires as well. Because of the low energy required to make foam, it can be used with both aspirating and non-aspirating discharge devices. To provide even greater fire protection capability, it may be used with “PKW™” dry chemical extinguishing agent without regard to the order of application. Hydro-Chem™ Technology is a recommended application for dual agent use on three dimensional fire. Due to the velocity of the dry chemical discharge, care must be taken not to submerge the polymeric membrane below the fuel surface when using twin agents on polar fuels.