HF Ranger™ "Select" - Automatic/Constant Metering
Foam Nozzle
1.0, 1.5, 2.0


Introducing the most advanced foam fire fighting nozzle ever made! The Hydro-Foam™ Ranger™ "Select" Nozzle combines the effective range of an automatic nozzle, while incorporating the exclusive combination of self educting/selectable "constant metering" foam proportioning. It is capable of accurate foam proportioning (Selectable 1% or 3%) over a broad range of flows (250 - 2000 gpm), while maintaining automatic control of tip pressure (100 psi +/- 10%) over the entire flow range. This constant nozzle pressure capability maximizes the effective discharge reach for any given flow. The discharge pattern is adjustable from full fog to straight stream. Constructed of anodized aluminum with "wrap around" control handle and protective rubber bumper. Water inlet is available in nickel plated brass as an option. Manually operated nozzle is available with automatic controls: 12v; 24v; or hydraulic.


  • 2.5" or 3.5" swivel

Nickel plated brass swivel:

  • 12v, 24v or hydraulic pattern activation
Model Ranger™
HFR 1.0 M 2.5*
HFR 1.5 M 3.5*
HFR 2.0 M 3.5*
Water Inlet * 2.5" (F) NH Swivel 3.5" (F) NH Swivel 3.5" (F) NH Swivel
Foam Concentrate Inlet * 1.50 M/NPT w/1.5" x 8’ Flexible Pickup Hose & 1.5" Rigid PVC Drum "Stinger" 2.00 (M) NPT w/2" x 8’ Flexible Pickup Hose & 1.5" Rigid PVC Drum "Stinger" 2.00 (M) NPT w/2" x 8’ Flexible Pickup Hose & 1.5" Rigid PVC Drum "Stinger"
Foam/Water Flow (@ 100 psi) 250-1000 gpm 250-1500 gpm 250-2000 gpm 250-1500 gpm
Proportioning (Selectable) 1% or 3% 1% or 3% 1% 3% =
Application Class "B" Liquid Fires

- Use of jet pump will attain 2,000 gpm at 3%