Handgun Hydro-Chem™ Variable Flow Nozzle


Dual-agent pistol grip handline nozzle incorporates a foam solution or water application with simultaneous Hydro-Chem™ Technology which projects dry chemical through the center of the foam/water stream to achieve ranges not possible with conventional equipment. Used in conjunction with a separate foam proportioning system.

The foam/water stream is adjustable from full fog to straight stream. Collar mounted ring adjustment allows quick selection of 60, 95 or 125 gpm flow rates — also features a flush setting. The nozzle features separate flow valves for water/foam and dry chemical operations. Constructed of hard anodized aluminum alloy. Total nozzle weight 7 lbs.

Options Include:

Three inlet valved dry chemical inlet manifold (not shown); flat lay dry chemical inlet hose, 1.5" x 50’, coupled 1.5 (M) NH; "cross-over" adapter (for Ansul 350 lb wheeled unit) 1.25" (F) NPSH X 1.5" (M) NH

Part # HCHG-S
Water/Foam Flow 60, 95, 125 gpm
Dry Chemical Flow* 3, 5, 7, 10 lbs / sec
Water/Foam Solution Inlet NH (F) 1.5" Swivel NH (F)
Dry Chemical Inlet 1.5" Swivel NH (F)

NOTE: 1.0” NH (F) Swivel connections also available for water/foam and dry chemical
* Varies depending on dry chemical delivery system and length of hose lay