The BullsEye system is the most innovative fire extinguisher training tool on the market. Integrated smoke and sound make your trainees feel as though they’re reacting to a real fire. The BullsEye system senses where the user aims and sweeps a laser-driven training extinguisher and automatically varies the digital flames in response. Train countless individuals without the cost or mess of actual extinguishers using our patented technology. The BullsEye can also sense which type of extinguisher the trainee is using and how far they are from the base of the fire, and will only respond if they have chosen correctly. Instructors can control the BullsEye by either an infrared wireless remote or the optional tablet. The integrated training record collection system makes it easy to monitor user’s improvement and proficiency. Easily export records via USB for printing certificates and sharing training data. Training opportunities are endless and can now take place anywhere from inside your firehouse to businesses in your community.

The BULLSEYE Advantage


The BullsEye extinguisher uses a conical laser to accurately replicate discharge, allowing for unlimited repetitions and eliminating time consuming clean up. The BullsEye system can also be used with the air/water SmartExtinguisher®.


The patented control system accurately measures the path of the extinguisher for an engaging training experience. The system also detects how far away the trainee is from the fire and what class of extinguisher they are using. The flames will respond only if the trainee is using the proper extinguisher and technique. Use with countless trainees without recharging any extinguishers. For example, if a trainee chooses a CO2 extinguisher for a Class A fire, the extinguisher will knock down the flames, but will not extinguish the fire.


Sound effects, a timed discharge, and accurate weight closely simulate actual extinguishers. The panel’s self-generating digital flames and sound mimic the patterns and sounds of a real incipient stage fire. Smoke generation is tied to the size of fire and time since ignition. Train in the actual work environment for added realism.


LED driven digital flames and a laser extinguisher provide a completely safe training experience in any space.

Base Package

A BullsEye Training System
B Laserfoam extinguisher, 6L
C Transport case for two extinguishers

Trainers Package

A BullsEye Training System
D Transport case for BullsEye
E iPad Mini Remote Control
F Two Laser

*Your choice from various types available