This "Hybrid" nozzle has the unique capability to perform as an automatic pressure or fixed gallonage nozzle. During automatic operation the nozzle will respond to varying flows to maintain a nearly constant tip pressure, thus maximizing effective range for a given discharge flow. Once the nozzle reaches the fixed gallonage set point (1000-6000 GPM), it performs as a conventional fixed gallonage nozzle. This is desirable for foam proportioning operations on storage tank fires or other hazards requiring specific application rates. This nozzle is capable of Hydro-Foam™ proportioning at rates up to 6000 GPM @ 3% (3000 GPM @ 6%) using remote jet pump technology. The extensive "Ambassador" options list allows this nozzle to be Hydro-Chem™ capable with PKW flow rates from 25 lbs/s to 100 lbs/s. The single 8" full flow stainless steel waterway construction provides minmum friction loss, maximum efficiency, and years of trouble-free service. The standard tiller-bar control provides full monitor articulation of 360˚ rotation and down to -15˚ and up to +75˚ vertical travel. Pattern control from straight stream to full fog is accomplished via a full wrap-around handle attached to the outer sleeve.

Standard Features:

  • Dual Mode Automatic/Fixed Operation
  • Fixed Gallonage plugs:1K,2K,3K,4K,5K,6K
  • Hydro-Foam™ Capable Nozzle
  • Efficient Single 8" SS Monitor
  • Tiller-bar control
  • Wrap-around handle design for pattern control
  • Tandem axle trailer
  • Integral 8" carbon steel manifold
  • Five 5" non-clappered storz inlets w/caps
  • 2.0" ball fixed height hydraulic surge coupler
  • Anti-skid grip surface
  • Four point trailer jacks plus tongue jack
  • Standard grade Red Finish


  • Hydro-Chem™ Tip conversion
  • Choke tubes (25, 50, 75 & 100 lbs./s)
  • Dry chemical manifolds (4,6,7, & 10 inlets)
  • 1.5JP30 Jet Pump w/stinger (one)
  • 2.0JP60 Jet Pump w/stinger (three)
  • 3-2.5" FNST x 3.0" MNPSH Siamese
  • 1-2.5" FNST x 3-1.5" MNST Wye
  • 10" SS integral manifold w/6-5" Storz inlets
  • Internal 5" clappers
  • European adjustable tow bar
  • European lighting package
  • Gear operated monitor controls (vertical & horizontal)
  • Radio remote controlled electric/hydraulic/gear monitor controls
  • 1-5" x 2-5" Jumbo Siamese (recommended w/std 8" manifold)
  • Premium (show grade) paint & finish
  • 3" x 15' Dry Chemical Hose
  • 3" Valved Siamese w/extra hoses for 100 lbs./s "PKW™"