8060 SIGA PBI _ 8061 SIGA-E PBI


Product Description

PBI fibres were first developed for the NASA Apollo space programme as a result of their flame retardant characteristics. When they come into contact with flames and heat critical areas which are moved and stressed as is the case above all with gloves, do not rip apart. ESKA uses only PBI fibres in its model SIGA, as outer protective sheath which is of course the primary line of defence of fire fighters against flames.

Coated PBI Gold is used for the complete palm, the finger joint protectors and the fibre-glass reinforced carbon blow protection shell on the back of the hand. PBI Matrix is used for the rest of the upper hand, the fingers and the thumb and also in the version with the long gauntlet. This revolutionary Matrix fabric reinforces mechanical strength and durability.

As with all of ESKA’s fire brigade glove models, the proven Kevlar® lining with silver fibre (anti-static, anti-bacterial and temperature regulatory properties) is used and the gloves are also equipped on request with a permanently fixed (ESKA patent) Gore-Tex® X-trafit® membrane or a Crosstech® membrane.