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Water Treatment Components
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UVOX redox

UVOX systems from Wapure International is able to combine two technologies (ultraviolet disinfection and ozone oxidation) in one device, thus guaranteeing ecological and economical water treatment. A mechanical- or PC measurement and control module safeguards the water quality. Areas of application for UVOX system include Drinking Water, Swimming Pools, Ponds and Aquariums.

Advantages of the UVOX-250 system:

  • absolutely safe and natural water
  • double e.ect using an ultraviolet lamp
  • up to 99.9% killing-o. of pathogens
  • oxidation of many persistent substances
  • increase in the oxygen content
  • improvement in the performance of the (bio).filter
  • economical and ecological water preparation
  • savings on chemicals, water and energy
  • promotion of the wellness experience
  • minimum maintenance without endangering the quality of the water


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