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Water Treatment Components
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CAT Pumps

CAT PUMPS are triplex, positive displacement, reciprocating, high pressure pumps. They are the most cost-effective design for achieving high efficiency and low pulsation. Although we can operate down to a GPM and 100 PSI, the majority of our applications are at much higher flows and pressures.

CAT PUMPS are 30-50% more efficient than most pumps and the triplex design reduces 90% of the pulsation common in all three piston [plunger] pump designs. They have been designed for continuous-duty performance. They are capable of pumping non-abrasive, moderate pH liquids including city water, filtered reclaim water, oils, cleaning solutions, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, seawater, dionized [D.I.] water, pharmaceutical products and some food products at moderate to high pressures. They are also suitable for pumping liquids at high temperature and where extremely high inlet pressure is required to maintain liquidity.

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