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Sewerage Equipments

Corodex Screen and Separation Equipment

“Sewerage Equipment installations by CORODEX”

Corodex with over three decades of experience in water and wastewater treatment, has installed sewerage equipment at over 50 sites in UAE. The equipment includes screening, conveying, grit treatment, sludge treatment and clarifiers.

Today we offer a comprehensive program in the “liquid/solids separation” for municipalities.

The criteria to be considered are:
• Functional reliability.
• Freedom of maintenance.
• Operational safety.
• Low operational costs.

We offer innovative solutions for the whole sector of waste water process, clarification process, and sludge treatment.
• Screening.
• Conveying.
• Grit removal systems.
• Sludge dewatering.
• Clarifiers.
• Screw compactor.

Innovative Solutions for Industry:
• Animal breeding.
• Breweries.
• Chemical.
• Construction material.
• Dairies.
• Disposal.
• Food.
• Leather.
• Malt houses.
• Metal.
• Paper.
• Plastic.
• Power plants.
• Slaughterhouses.

Our customers include all industrial concerns, which have to deal with waste or processed water. We are constantly trying to analyze the problems of industry and to develop solutions for them.
This process engineering regularly is composed of our well proven machines. In this sense, we regard ourselves as a problem solver, who is able to provide highly customized and optimum solutions for any industry branch, based on our wide experiences.

TOP Combined Systems:

The TOP Range of combined treatment systems integrates screening and grit separation with the option of fat, oil & grease (FOG) removal, all within a single package unit.


SLUDGELESS - Cost Effective Sludge processing:
High quality combined machines to receive and pre-treat any kind of effluent. It is used for separation of suspended solids from the liquid, washing and compaction / dewatering of the screenings, separation and dewatering of the sand. Some of its applications include wastewater treatment plants, food and packaging industries, slaughterhouse and paper mills.



Combined Pre-treatment Unit(Screen with Grit & Grease removal)
Miny Screen
Combines Systems
Rotary Drum Screen
Combined Systems
Rotary Drum Screen
Tanker receiving station to receive effluent from spectic tank
Combined machine to separate the solids from the liquid, life and compact / dewater
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