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Bristol Firefighting Solutions

Firefighting Solutions

Bristol Fire Engineering, the leader in innovative fire fighting equipments, has become one of the premier fire fighting equipment manufacturer in the gulf . Bristol Fire Equipments are unsurpassed in the industry for their quality, dependability and durability.

Bristol has been engaged in the production of high quality fire fighting equipments made with British Fire Industry know-how and technology, since 1989. Production carries on in full swing in its unique production facility in Dubai under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced engineers. All production standards are tested and certified by Bureau Veritas to comply with European standards BS/EN3. Manufacturing processes are based on a quality control system, that ensures conformity of raw materials, well monitored process control techniques and vigilant final inspection. Bristol Fire Engineering is backed by a team of qualified engineers and well experienced technocrats, having more than 15 years of experience in the design and installation of all types of fire protection systems according to international fire codes such as LPC and NFPA.

Bristol Product Offering includes
• Portable fire extinguishers
• Trolley/Wheeled fire extinguishers
• Automatic fire extinguishers
• Hose reels and Fire hoses
• Full range of fire equipment cabinets
• Fire Hydrants
• Various types of hydrant valves and accessories
• Fire fighting pumps
• Fire Detection, Alarm System, and Sprinkler System
• NN100 Fire Suppression System
• CO2 Fire Suppression System
• FM200 Fire Suppression System
• Foam System
• Preaction and Deluge System
• Wet and Dry System

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